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Evocative is a global leader in enterprise class data center, bare metal, network, cloud, and managed services solutions that enable exceptional digital experiences. Evocative’s global footprint includes 20 data centers and 60+ POPs supporting over 68,000 servers across strategically located metros in North America, Europe and Asia. Through a series of acquisitions, Evocative continues to expand its presence to power enterprise workloads at the edge. Evocative is dedicated to helping to drive digital businesses forward, now and in the the decades to come. For more information, visit

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Hivelocity: A primer on using Terraform to automate hybrid cloud deployments

It’s undeniable. IaC tools like Terraform and Ansible are revolutionizing the way we build and interact with large-scale infrastructure. But…


Latency: What is it, and how does edge computing impact latency?

In the world of computing and networking, there is an ongoing battles to have the fastest speeds. In this competition…


What is a software supply chain and what does it mean for edge computing?

While it may sound unintuitive at first, software has a supply chain just like any physical good. Though it is…


What is Web3? An overview and look at how edge computing plays a role

Avid observers of the technology landscape may have come across the term ‘Web3’ in recent years. If you’ve come across…


UP9 announces Mizu, the 0pen-source API traffic viewer for Kubernetes

Image Credit: UP9 For debugging and protocol testing, Wireshark has long been one of the favorite open-source traffic monitoring tools…


Network edge workload, traffic growth to impact on data center design

The growth in sales of connected devices is good news for some companies, but datacenter providers are looking at the…

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