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DataQube Global is a disruptive start up poised to change the face of the data centre landscape. Founded in 2020 by a syndicate of industry experts who recognize the impact 5G, IoT and AI will have on data analysis and storage methods, the company has developed a novel edge data centre system. Comprising cutting edge liquid cooling technology which dramatically reduces overall energy consumption, the new system, called DataQube, provides our customers with edge data centre services where they need it, when they need it, in the configurations they demand, thus optimizing global content delivery and facilitating seamless connectivity between interconnected devices.

DataQube replicates centralised data centre capabilities at the edge of the networks in a robust, modular unit that is scalable according to requirements. Its compact design, lightweight material and person-free layout makes deployment possible in all internal or external locations across all industries, particularly where conventional deployments are not feasible due to size and capital investment. With a lead time of <20 weeks, no other edge data centre solution on the market today offers the same levels of energy efficiency, IT density or scalability and it is unrivalled in terms cost and speed to market. For more information, visit

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